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WFH setup and tips...

Browser detection using basic JavaScript and Perl code

Image classification of Indian cows breed using fastai lib: Train Model

What time has it come ...

Image classification of Indian cows breed using fastai lib

Moving my blog from WordPress to Jekyll and Github

Expiry and revive of my blog: Some early learning of 2020

Adding core and custom properties in Microsoft Word (doc), XLS, PPT file using Apache POI through Perl wrapper: Example

Decoupled Content Management Systems: Some thoughts

12 Years of tech blogging

Apache POI env setting in CentOS 6+, Java 8 and Perl 5

A static blog using Gatsby, Work planning and SE Radio: a coincidence

High time to upgrade to HTTP/2

JSX in ReactJS: a quick intro with examples

CNN: Understanding edge detection with an example

WebDAV: an old horse but still useful!

Reinforcement Learning Explained in brief for a layperson

elasticserach FScrawler intermediate file location? help

Resize a column in a PostgreSQL table without changing data: Repost

Deep learning on large images: challenges and CNN





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