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Why am learning Julia, the Programming language

So each year I try my hand on a new programming language/library though I always not end up using in my professional setup but exploring a language gives me more options and understanding of what other languages can do and how can I integrate some good features. This year I decided to checkout Julia programming language. So the first question comes, why Julia? Let’s start with a post from the Creators of Julia programming language which they wrote way back in 2012.

We want a language that’s open-source, with a liberal license. We want the speed of C with the dynamism of Ruby. We want a language that’s homoiconic, with true macros like Lisp, but with an obvious, familiar mathematical notation like Matlab. We want something as usable for general programming as Python, as easy for statistics as R, as natural for string processing as Perl, as powerful for linear algebra as Matlab, as good at gluing programs together as the shell. Something that is dirt simple to learn yet keeps the most serious hackers happy. We want it interactive and we want it compiled.

Well, reading this statement seems like a complete dream language from a programmer point of view, though I am really not sure if a single language can achieve it all in enterprise setup? I loved to proved wrong :-)

I have already worked in all languages which the statement

After reading more posts, documentation, and community I have decided to explore Julia. A couple of strong reasons (as they claim) why I have decided to invest my time to learn Julia.

Versatility Julia can be used for everything from simple machine learning applications to enormous supercomputer simulations.

Speed In 2017, Julia joined the Petaflop Club this is a big milestone for a programming language. well, the Petaflop club is a small group of languages that can exceed speeds of one petaflop per second at peak performance. Apart from Julia, only C, C++, and Fortran are in the club right now. This particular feat gives a lot of hope.

Dynamic and static types This will interesting to see.

Credibility of creators I was Checking out the journey of each developer in the core team and I think they all are awesome and dedicated which is a very good sign.

So, in the coming weeks, I will share my learning journey and experiences.

Happy learning Julia!



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