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Python Architecture Patterns: book review

Happy to share that book “Python Architecture Patterns” is my first book as a contributor. The idea of this book is to master API design, event-driven structures, and package management in Python. As an official reviewer of the book, I checked the contents for relevance and authenticity as well as tested all the code provided through GitHub. So in case of any discrepancy, you know who to blame :smiley:

For me, it was a really great working experience with the Packt publishing team and author Jamie. We aimed to provide accurate and up-to-date, industry-centric content in record time.

The book touches on highly used, industry darling API & Event-driven development. It starts with giving a basic introduction to Software Architecture and then delving more into API design, how to make RESTful interfaces, authenticating RESTful interfaces and API versioning, and so on.

In subsequent chapters, it discusses topics like MVC patterns, Data modeling techniques, etc. Part 2 of the book is focused on the Twelve-factor App methodology which is the core of modern software development. It talks about web servers, WSGI interfaces, and a brief on the famous Django framework. Further, it talks about my fav topic event-driven arch, and the tools used to achieve it. Part 3 focuses on test-driven dev, the importance of unit testing and tools to achieve this, and package management. Part 4 focuses on logging errors, metrics, profiling, and debugging.

Overall it provides a complete workflow for designing software systems end-to-end.

This book is for the people who really want to design better software systems using the best architectural patterns using Python. The best part is that all code is available on GitHub. Just clone the repo and start playing with the concepts presented.

This is a practical book and can help in designing better projects and existing projects as well.

You may consider buying this book through the below links:

Python Architecture Patterns -

Python Architecture Patterns - Amazon India

Book GitHub Code repo

Happy reading!



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