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Exploring Business informatics and Process mining

Finally able to write a new post :-)

So for the last couple of months, I was busy solving some critical customer problems and another important thing I was doing is to try to understand a new field called “Process mining”.

So the first question comes What is the field about? and why I am digging into this area of technology?
Well, in one of my major projects I develop software to automate the workflow of business procedures which will eventually ensure Quality assurance leads to ISO and other quality certifications. After working in this area for more than a decade I understand how business processes work, how can we automate them, and the challenges in implementing them.

One of the key questions is do people really follow defined business processes? If not what path do they take? and many others questions…

So here comes my quest for exploring the area. Initially, I was mainly interested in knowing if recent advancements in data science can help in improving business processes and workflows. Then I met with “Process Science” and “Process Mining” which deals with all questions I had…

In this write-up and series of posts, I will try to give you a brief idea about what Process Mining is, and how it is connected with data mining and traditional business process management, we’ll also discuss some of the use-cases. My aim is to give you the information in easy to understanding manner.

It looks to me that “Process Mining” is a very exciting field and I hope a lot of new tools and technologies will be developed in the future.

So let’s start. We’ll cover broadly the following things:

  1. Business Analytics
  2. Process Science
  3. Data mining and Process Mining
  4. Process mining use cases and real-world scenarios
  5. Future work in process mining and challenges

In my next post, we’ll directly start with what process science is and how this is connected with data science.



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