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Malnad Ultra 2022 Run diary

Location: Malnad, Western Ghats, Southern India

Elevation: Approx. 800 mt.–1500 mt. Elevation gain: +1010 mt; Elevation loss: -1010 mt

Distance: 30KM Strava link

Date: November 26, 2022

Malnad Ultra 2022 is a trail run certified by ITRA and a UTMB Index Race. This was my first full trail run experience, and I must say it was beyond words.

To prepare for it, I just followed my daily workout, i.e., a mix of cycling, running, and strength workouts. Before this run, I’d done a 25K run at Kodagu.

Stay: So we stayed at Jhari Eco Resort for 2 days with our ultra-running team. It’s a unique place, on the route from Kaimara to Attingundi, few things to mention about the place and overall stay.

  1. You can't take your car to this location; they will send a 4x4 on the main road towards Atingudi so pack your stuff accordingly.
  2. Ride to the resort in a 4x4 can be challenging for very old people or people with heavy back pain, etc. This is because there are lots of jerks, but they have excellent drivers, and it's really fun!
  3. There is no network (only limited BSNL), so make sure you inform your family and friends from the main road or car parking.
  4. Because of the location and limited transport facilities, please make sure that you carry basic essentials like medicines, snacks, etc., as there is no market and unplanned stepping out is not possible.
  5. Room service is limited, so it is better to follow the food times that they serve in the common area. The rooms and toilets were clean, and it seemed a lot of natural material had been used. They have integrated the resort nicely with nature.
  6. The food is excellent, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, with good, caring staff.
  7. Excellent waterfall view and natural sound. They organized the trek also, but we skipped it as we already had enough from our ultra run.

Improvement areas:

PS: Don’t forget to carry your favorite book as there will be plenty of time as there is no network

Event: The start point was a remote place with a single-lane forest road that was fully packed early in the morning. The organizers have done good work with allocating good parking spaces and the overall event. We’d reached the venue around 6 a.m. and had some light breakfast. One of the challenges was not having enough toilets to accommodate so many runners, so it was only given to female runners. But anyway, it was a dense forest, and this is all part of the experience. The run started on time; I think at 6:30 a.m., and we just had a light breakfast. The first 2-3 kilometers were downhill, but the last 5–6 kilometers were a steep climb. The first hydration was around that point; the views were superb, and it was a mix of running and walking. The last 8–9 km were downhill, but the sun was also there. There were enough hydration points, first aid kiosks, etc. Kudos to Coach Anand and his team for all the arrangements in such a remote area. We met many runners from different parts of the country and abroad. I and Suresh have done 30K, and Mey has done 50K in Luna Sandals.

Overall, it was a good run, and we were all able to finish well within the given time. As usual, I took loads of pictures :-)

Final thoughts: Malnad Ultra is an absolutely wonderful experience. The beauty of the place, route, and overall crowd make it a very special run. A few things one may consider:

This was a brief overview of our Malnad trip. I hope to revisit it in 2023.

Feel free to write in at or comment here in case you wish to share your own experiences or need more info or advice.

Happy to help!


Finally, here are some pictures from our trip. ( I, Suresh, and Mey):

Day 1: Bengaluru - Mysore

Our road trip route

Our staple Kumaoni snack for road trip

Fun at the marriage party with Suresh and Mey’s friend’s daughter (KGF gang)

Day 2: Mysore - Jhari Eco Resort, Malnad region, Chikmagluru

Our road trip route

Stop at Gommateshwara Temple

Gommateshwara Temple Climb

Gommateshwara Statue

Met Ooty Ultra Coach Kay at Bib collection at Kaimara

Evening at Jhari resort

Relax mode at Jhari resort

Mey enjoying at Jhari cottage

Day 3: Jhari Eco Resort - Sipani Coffee Estate (Start-Point)

Drive towards start-point

Before sunrise

Walk towards the start point from the parking area

At the start full flock


Sun and climb

Second climb

Coffee plantation

Crossing stream

Beautiful forest

Medal 30K

Mey after finishing 50K

Met a senior runner from Chennai

At the finish line

with RunAddicts gang

With Race Director Coack Anand and Ooty Ultra Race Director Coach Kay, Good to see that organizers of other events supporting each other

Met Peter, an accomplished trekker, and founder of Chennai Trekking Club post-run. Can’t resist meeting BELGIUM ppl because of my long association with the country :-)

Relax evening at Jhari post-run



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