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Future of how we will be learning: Good insights from a teacher & leader: Dr. Anant Agarwal, MIT

Great Conversation with the CEO of edX and an MIT professor, Dr. Anant Agrawal by Dr. Harpreet Singh, of experfy.

Quick Summary: How edx started (2011) – Giving analogy of chaos thery how circumstances and simple actions made Howard and MIT came together because of the fact that the education was not utilizing the recent advances in technologies like Cloud computing, Social Networks, Video Streaming, Gaming, etc.

Modular approach: Right now education is like one size fits all. Earning micro masters will be the way to go. Say you do only 25% of the master for now. So it will be like to learn the lego way. This will also reduce the cost of in-person education.

Omnichannel: See the example like retailers e.g.; Amazon, they sell the product both online and in-store, in a similar way there be will a kind of blended education which includes off-line and on-line mode and that also from various sources. The scenario will be like you are completing one course from one university, and another course from another so earning a kind of Hybrid degree.

Life long learning: Learning will be life long not like going to college for some years and done. The scenario will be that you start with an online micro-master, then go to campus for say a couple of years and then start working and continue online learning.

Overall, great insight into how the future of education will look.

Just a small note about my on-line learning journey: I first registered in an online course from Stanford -online on Machine Learning by Andrew ng in 2011 but was only able to finally complete in 2016. My online learning journey in a true sense started with my Coursera Data Science Specialization Certification in 2016 and after that Deep learning Specialization Certification which I completed in 2018. I have also written a detailed post on some tips to learn ML online. It was a great experience and a lot of fun, though was not easy with a full-time job. Funny thing is that as I am writing here about edx but so far I have not taken a single course from edx :-). Maybe time to explore.

Enjoy & Happy learning.



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