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Data Science for IoT: FDP: Summary

I have atteneded this online 3-days Faculty Developement Program on Data Science for IoT.

I have attended to get some research idea for my own Ph.D. in ML and IoT.

Session 1: IoT and smart cities: Dr. Vishal Singh, IIIT Lucknow

Session 2: Probability and Statistics: Dr. MK Gandhi, MDI

Session 3: Getting Data Ready for ML: Dr. Ashutosh Mishra, IIITA

Session 4: Linear algebra for Data Science: Dr. Satakshi Singh, SHUATS

Session 5: Recent Trends in Data Sceience & IoT: Prof. OP Vyas, IIITA

Session 6: Clustering for IoT Data: Dr. Manish Kumar, IIITA

Session 7: Large Scale Data Analytics - Dr. Amrit Pal, VIT

Session 8: Data Analytics for IoT data (Python): Dr. Vivek Kumar, JIIT

Session 9: Data Visulization: Dr. Ramesh Ringla, VIT

Session 10: Data Stream Analysis : Dr. Sonali Agrawal, IIITA

Session 11: Machine Learning for IoT data: Dr. KP Singh, IIITA

Session 12: Machine Learning for IoT: Prof. Shekhar Verma, IIITA

Session 13: Smart Sensors & System : Dr. NS Rajput, IIT- BHU

Session 14: Data Analytics for Astro Data : Dr. Pawan Chakraborty, IIITA



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