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Online conference in Data Science: ACM & IITM

Some days back I have attended a virtual conference in Data Science organized by ACM SIGKDD and IIT Madras

This year I have started to attend a few of the conferences to get the latest research trends in Data Science/AI research. As I have recently started my Ph.D. from IIIT, Allahabad, so this is needed. Check my post Why I have started Ph.D. after working 15+ in Software Industry?).

Here I am listing a brief about the talk. I would strong spare time and listen to all of them. You can see my personal recommendation below as well.

AI & ML in the Times of COVID

Speaker: Prof. Partha P. Chakrabarti - PPC, IIT Kharagpur

This was the first talk and I joined a bit late, a general overview of how ML/AI is evolving in these challenging times. No prior knowledge is needed to attend.


A data-driven approach for country-level COVID Management

Speaker: Dr. Kamakoti V., IIT Delhi

An excellent talk gave a depth understanding of the Arogya Setu case study, how the data-driven model works, how the application integrates with other parts like PostgreSQL, Cloud, Bluetooth, epidemiologists.


Fake news

Speaker: Joyojeet Pal. Microsoft, US

Interesting case study of Mis-information and fake news. Can be attended by anyone.  

City-scale agent-based simulator for modeling COVID-19 spread

Speaker: Prof. Rajesh Sundaresan, IISC, Banglore

Excellent talk about Agent-based Simulator and modeling for Covid 19. It gives great insight into how the covid spread in close integration, how agent-based works in the city-based system, a study done for Banglore and Mumbai, and a good case study of the proposed school opening in Banglore. This can be further extended to other use cases like trains restart, school restarts, traffic modeling, odd-even in Delhi. Great speaker. Very practical use cases.


The State and Fate of Linguistic Diversity and Inclusion in the NLP World

Speaker: Dr. Kalika Bali, Microsoft

The State and Fate of linguistic diversity inclusion in the NLP world, No of resources, no people speak that language. The interesting outlook from a linguist trained computer engineer,


Object Detection in Scientific Plots

Speaker: Dr. Mitesh Khapra, IIT, Madras

Natural images vs scientific images object detection, why object detection is not always successful, localization accuracy. This talk is a bit advanced level, a bit understanding of computer vision will be helpful.


  Landscape of regularized Auto-Encoders for generative modeling: Intro, challenges & new directions

Speaker: Dr. Prathosh A.P.

This talk is a bit mathematical and focuses more on new research on adversarial encoders etc also how the Generative model works. A very good talk for researchers.


Sketch-based Image Retrieval

Speaker: Dr. Soma Biswas, IIISC, Banglore

This is such an interesting talk. This talks about Sketch retrieval cross-modal retrieval SBIR or Sketch-based image retrieval. The basic idea is to give a sketch to the model and get the corresponding image. This can be very useful for the search for the right product from the catalog just draw a sketch and find the product. So technically here the input is different modality and output is different that’s called cross-modal modality. One of the great use-cases could be in surveillance where police or authority can match a sketch with a criminal list with the database and get some insight. Must watch.


All the slides of the conference can be found here

Forgot to mention the moderator Prof. Balaraman Ravindran from IIT, Madras one of my fav teacher/Mentor.




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