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IEEE Big Data Conference 2021: Serverless Machine Learning: Call for papers on ML

Good opportunity to submit a paper in this upcoming International Workshop on Serverless Machine Learning for Intelligent and Scalable AI Workflow

In recent years with the advancement of Cloud computing, containerization, Serverless computing has revolutionized how we develop modern applications. Some of the most popular serverless computing services are AWS Lambda, Google Cloud functions, Azure functions. The advantage of using these services is that it can run custom code in response to events and automatically manages the underlying compute resources. That’s a huge advantage and with cloud pipeline, this can be done with a continuous stream of data as well.

In my view, upcoming years will be very exciting and challenging for developing efficient cloud-native applications. So a lot of research will be needed. I am keeping a close watch on how AutoML and serverless coming will work together efficiently, the security of ML models from various attacks, the privacy of training data, and Explainable AI.

Coming back to the conference, below is the broad topic list in which papers can be submitted.

Check this link for more info on submission.

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