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Check Running Time of the Perl Code

As a coder debugging is an important and crucial part. Timing functions during a program run is really helpful and crucial in debugging. Below is the quick intro on timediff() using Perl’s Benchmark module.

use Benchmark;
$t0 = Benchmark->new;
# ... your code here ...
$t1 = Benchmark->new;
$td = timediff($t1, $t0);
print "the code took:",timestr($td),"\n";

For more functions, you can use excellent module Benchmark on CPAN

If somehow you don’t have access to CPAN then you can just use basic time() function


sub time_taken {
     my $start_time = time();
     print "Start time\n";
     print $start_time;
     print "\n";

## Code goes here ######

     my $end_time = time();
     print "End time\n";
     print $end_time;
     print "\n";
     my $diff_time = $end_time - $start_time;
     print "Total time taken\n";
     print $diff_time;
     print "\n";
     } # end of time_taken

Happy debugging!



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