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Generally, I only post technical contents in this blog, but this time there is an urge from inside to write due to unprecedented scenarios all over the world due to COVID-19 scare. Today is the Janata Curfew here in India which our PM has initiated Whole day we were homebound and in the evening everyone came out in their balconies and doing chant, ringing bells, clapping, etc. This is how it was – clip

It was such an outstanding experience. This is people’s support & respect for all medical & essential support personnel who are working tirelessly to combat. Right now, we as a country are in very critical junction, the future of us will be based on how resilient we are. Future gen will remember this a great community effort to save mankind.

India’s one of the biggest train network is closed, taxi service is suspended, most of the cities are in lockdown state except essential services. This is happening all over the world. Hope we’ll get through it….

This is an exceptionally difficult time and I feel that we should keep our mind in control and fight with our full strength and follow govt and experts. We as a human being evolved in millions of years so I think our body knows how to get rid of unwanted bug but maybe because of the way we live and treat nature this mechanism has shut itself? High time to re-initiate and learn from the mistakes we are doing in the name of blind progress. I think nature is telling us that this planet equally belongs to other living beings as well.

So mind the gap and learn to co-exist. Scientifically we can’t live without them but I think they can… I hope we get through this difficult phase and learn…

Praying for all human beings all over the world.

Take care!

Update March 25, 2020: Indian PM has announced 21 day full lockdown - clip. This is unprecendted. Imagine 1.3bn people staying in home, one of the biggest isloation exercise. Nobody knows what will be the outcome of this hope we succeed in slowing down the spread of virus? This step will have huge impact on economy for sure but as PM says that first priority is to save the lives. Let’s pray and hope for the best and stay indoor.

Update March 28, 2020: We are in lockdown for last 4 days. Such a nice weather outside, it rained yesterday, clear sky first time pollution level is so low < 50.

Clear sky March 28 2020

This is the best time to be outdoors before transition to summer but in this challenging time we are following the instructions and staying at home so that our front warriors can do their job. I think one of the aspect we miss at this time is the mental health btw I was Listning to this lady, very balanced talk clip. She was talking about how to keep mind in control in this crisis time and get over your fear. I am trying to continue my workout through Yoga, Indoor Cycling and helping in household work

Update March 30, 2020: We are on the 6th day of lockdown. Cases in India are rising but still not out of control which we do not want.. I think some state governments are doing well in containing. My home state Uttrakhand is doing pretty well in isolating the remote regions. These parts almost have none of the medical facilities. A couple of the Indian spiritual leaders are also trying to help in their own way to help the population to remain calm and mentally fit. One of the widely watched TV program Ramayana restarted on National Television to keep people engaged. Below some of the link which you may check..

With Sadhguru in Challenging Times

Siddha Yoga Disclosure I follow this path for last 2 decades

World Meditates with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Baba Ramdev Yoga

We are towards the end of March, the financial year ending here in India a very busy time for accountants, CA’s, companies actually for everyone. Being in IT and doing Work From Home for almost 5 years my WFH eco-system is already in place (maybe a separate post on do’s and don’t of WFH) so for me, the lockdown has not changed much, the only major thing I am missing is my morning time when I go in the park. Some more household activity is added due to the non-availability of domestic help which is fine. I am trying to continue my workout regime through Yoga/Pranayam practices and indoor cycling.

Indoor Ride during lockdown COVID19

Bike trainer purchase been one of the best investment of 2019 this is helping a lot during lockdown at the time when you can’t go out for a run/ride. Thanks to my friend Rishi for introducing to indoor biking

Let’s continue to stay home and practice social distancing. We all should support anyone in need and govt in our own capacity through PM Relief fund

Update April 6, 2020: We are on the 11th day of lockdown. Cases are rising but fortunately not exponentially so far. Last some days cases are increased due to a huge gathering happened here in Delhi at Nizamuddin. Though this happened some weeks before full lockdown it should have been avoided. There were participants from many COVID-19 affected countries. I think this is the total failure of state govt and event organizers they should have stopped but it had happened and these guys are now spreading all over the country and contributing big chunks of new cases. It looks like this will be the major spreader now. So this is a big worry now to trace all the contacts which seem a very difficult task. Otherwise, most people are following lockdown.

PM had requested Diyas be lit on 5th April, at 9 PM to show unity in the fight against COVID- 19 - clip which has got a huge response. This Man knows to keep people engaged! Well as always there are critics who were saying that what’ll happen with lighting Diya? Why don’t PM focus on other things? Which in my view is very silly to say at the time when everyone is indoor PM is trying to engage people. Sometimes you just do it but people think too much. For me it was such a fantastic experience as everyone came into there balconies, lit Diya and greeted each other, I think the first time in my life I saw such a thing happening. I communication-wise govt has used the school network to communicate with parents to make sure that they lit diyas in their home/balconies which is a great channel to involved everyone in the family. Schools have started online classes for kids which is good. I must say kids are showing great restrain by staying indoor all the time which is really commendable as I was expecting a lot of resistance. 10 more days to go let’s see how this unfold?

Update April 23, 2020: We are in the second lockdown till May 3rd 2020 (hopefully?) which started immediately after the first lockdown ended on 14th April. As far as the disease spread is concerning cases are rising crossed 20K and doubling in approx 7 days which is not bad. So far, the situation seems under control. One of the main concerns is asymptomatic cases which are rising at a very faster rate. In the thinking center and most of the state Govt’s are doing good mainly the state like Orrisa, Kerela, Uttrakhand also being a big state UP is doing good in taking fast action. Unlike Western countries, the major part of the public is supporting lockdown which is good. The economy is getting hit very hard, right now we can’t even think how much damage this disease is doing and will do in the future? Students who are in their critical junction of studies will face huge issues but one has to keep the calm. Things will change but it will be gradual and slow. So patience is the key which is not easy of course.

Update May 10, 2020: So here we are in lockdown 3.0. Infections are still rising rapidly but not at exponetial rate but long way to go.. I think we’ll have to live with this new setup for longer durarion. Couple of days back I and my boss in Europe were talking how The experts/researchers from biggies like MITs, Standfords, Havards, Oxfords, WHO missed out warning signs of pandemic of this scale. This really amaze me and now if you see there are lots of analysis, about flatting the curve, pandemic peak date blah blah .. similarly we missed the 2008 financial crisis completely. No one saw it was coming. So I am a bit disappointed

Here in India another problem in this lockdown is movement of migrant workers as there is no work in cities and no clear visibility of future so they want to move back to their native state. As all the public communication is closed so this is a big challenge for these people as well as govt to facilitate the return. Look at this man (Video) in this lockdown, taking his 90-year-old mother on a bicycle along with wife and kids from Bangalore to Rajasthan ~ 2000 km. Has been cycling for more than a month.

This a video from a friend’s fb stream. There are many cases like this, its very heart breaking as people have to go through such hardships govt should have thought about such scenerios but I am amazed to see the willpower of the person.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones

Update May 31, 2020: Lockdown 4.0 is ending today. The number of cases are increasing at a very fast pace which was expected as many places are now open though the recovery rate is also improving. Job cuts are everywhere and more are expected in the future which is really sad. Masks business is on full swing even grocery store, vegetable vendors are selling masks not sure what will be the quality of these masks, same with sanitizers as we are using them like water not sure what kind of effect will it have on skin and immunity as the main focus is on killing the COVID-19 virus, in future many others diseases might pop-up due to less focus on health and precautionary measures of other diseases. Hope not..

Take care of yourself and your loved ones

Update June 3, 2020: Today I was reading an article by my fav Dr. Phill Maffestone, as he writes and gives some pointers on how being an overfat and low level of Vitamin-D can increase your risk of having COVID-19. This is the wonderful chart that shows the correlation between overfat and low level of vitamin-D, fewer sunlight areas.

Chart Overfat Sunlight COVID19

You can check full article here

Update Dec 31, 2020: So, we have already reached the end of the year with Covid-19 still around. Though, there are already some good developments on the vaccine front. India is overall doing good at this point of time since Mid Sept cases are on a decreasing trend, despite of almost everything is open and we have already passed festival season spikes? hopefully, Pray ..

COVID Cases Trend India Dec 30 2020

But, one of the big worries at this point is a new strain of virus from the UK which is already roaming here in India as well. Hope we get control over it!

btw I was checking the front page of the Time magazine this year

Time Magzine Cover 2020

and a bit disappointed with the negativism, indeed this is a different year, but can’t be struck off. We forget the positive development that happened in this year, people from all walks of life have shown great resilience which is one of the most important qualities of a human being, the courage, risk, and sacrifice front line healthcare and support people have done is enormous which truly shows the great humanity and optimism. Scientists, Engineers who have worked day-night to achieve an unrealistic target to make a vaccine in a record time, that gives me hope and human capability. So we shouldn’t forget all these contributions. Just striking off 2020 from the cover page and tagging it as a “worst year” will not be justice to the positive things that happened in 2020, I think we’ve learned a lot and in a better position to deal with crisis situations

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Happy New Year 2021

Update May 2, 2021: Covid is back again with a very higher intensity. This time spread is much more widespread across the country. The virus has mutated multiple times and a mutant called a double Indian mutant is creating havoc. Most of the big hospitals are facing acute oxygen shortages. This time younger population is getting infected in higher numbers and also succumbing to the disease. The only thing which is helping now is the vaccine, a good no of older people are now vaccinated so that helps in holding the disease. Ceru proud to have one of the homegrown vaccines Covaxin is very effective in neutralizing these mutants. I was fortunate to receive my first dose of the vaccine some weeks back I was just on the line of 45 yrs of age category for vaccine eligibility, though govt has now opened for all age groups now there is a huge shortage of vaccine.

I think the main reason for this mutation and high spread is, election rallies, Kumbh Mela, and the casual attitude of the public in general (as we Indians usually are very good at not following). Even scientists and doctors have not predicted the second wave of this ferocity.

On the sidelines, I have shifted to Banglore last month last before the second wave surge. I will write a separate post on why suddenly I have moved to a different city far away for mountains and that in the middle of a pandemic but that after once overall situation of this crisis comes under control.

My prayers with all of you!

We have to fight it together!

COVID Cases Trend India May 1 2021

Keep safe! My paryers with you all.


Update Feb 6, 2022: life is coming back to normal after 3rd covid wave mainly the Omicron variant. Last month was tough overall but fortunately despite the huge number of reported cases hospitalization and heath rate are low. Hope this is the last peak we see, it’s been almost 2 years now. After running around to avoid the virus finally last month I also got it, fortunately, it was not heavy and went away after 7 days of home quarantine. Thanks to double vaccination which I think helped. Still have no idea when this pandemic will send, checking the EU region for new peak patterns, hope it doesn’t come.



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