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12 Years of tech blogging

I just realized that I have completed 12 years of tech blogging. My first post was like this-
Is anbody having idea about the SNMP V3 implementation in C#? Thanks in advance. Pradeep

Actually it was a question for which I was looking for answers and it was not easy to get a quick response. That was the pre StackOverflow era also twitter was just started. Though there was Expert Exchange mostly paid solution.

Well, the time has moved (mostly for good), a decade later I think programming has changed as well, a lot of tools/frameworks are available to make a quick prototype and for writing code. Book reading has decreased, deep thinking process has also reduced substantially (by masses) because of the tendency to find do a search (though sometimes this is useful), folks like to search the web instead of thinking about the problem and making flowcharts with pen and paper.

In the last decade web tools for programming have improved a lot, tools like CodePen, Jupyter notebook are really good. You don’t have to be at the mercy of env to start coding. You just need a web browser to start with…. which is amazing!

My blogging has also improved, though I don’t follow any pattern in writing mostly try to write about tech, programming. This is my corner and I just want to write what comes in my mind without fear of judging, unlike social media platforms.

I hope to continue writing about my learnings in the coming years.

Happy coding and blogging!



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