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Apache POI env setting in CentOS 6+, Java 8 and Perl 5

Apache POI is the set of Java APIs that can be used to manipulate MS Office and other types of documents. This post will give quick info on how to make a Perl based dev environment for Java POI interface.

  1. Download .bin of POI version 4.1.1 and add classpath in .bashrc CLASSPATH="$CLASSPATH:/usr/local/src/poi-4.1.1/poi-4.1.1.jar:/usr/local/src/poi-4.1.1/poi-ooxml-schemas-4.1.1.jar:/usr/local/src/poi-4.1.1/poi-excelant-4.1.1.jar:/usr/local/src/poi-4.1.1/poi-ooxml-4.1.1.jar:/usr/local/src/poi-4.1.1/poi-scratchpad-4.1.1.jar:/usr/local/src/poi-4.1.1/poi-examples-4.1.1.jar:/usr/local/src/poi-4.1.1/ooxml-lib/xmlbeans-3.1.0.jar:/usr/local/src/poi-4.1.1/ooxml-lib/curvesapi-1.06.jar" export CLASSPATH

  2. Install Inline module - 0.83 (Through CPAN) $ cpan -i Inline
  3. Install Inline:: Java module 0.66 (Manually as we need to pass J2SK=/usr/ in Makefile.PL), e.g.;
    $perl Makefile.PL J2SDK=/usr/

You are set to go to use POI API through Perl programs.

In the next post, I will explain in detail more on POI and how to use them inside a Perl module.

Prerequisites and references:
Java 8



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