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A static blog using Gatsby, Work planning and SE Radio: a coincidence

For quite some time, I am interested in building a static blog that uses markdown as the main data source and built on the top of javascript and newer technologies. My present website is a WordPress blog and being a techie I wanted to control my site and data through code. Then I stumbled by gatsby static site generator that uses ReactJS, GraphQL. Actually it is built with API’s and data can be delivered through GraphQL query. I have already made a small 2-page site which I am hosting on GitHub and developed using netlify.

In my work also am planning to do a revamp of UI which is currently base on traditional HTML/CSS and native JavaScript.

and just as a coincidence I listened to a podcast on my fav channel SE radio about decoupled content management systems and gatsby. More on decoupled CMS in my next post.

So time to explore newer JavaScript libs..

Happy Coding!



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