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Modern Perl Development and Perl 6


While watching a Perl 6 video on YAPC::EU 2010, I was wondering if year 2010 is going to be big for development in Perl programming or more specifically in Modern Perl based development (Moose,Catalyst etc). There are many new exciting module on Moose/MooseX, DBIx::class, Catalyst etc are uploaded on CPAN every month. I think the biggest news is the release of long awaited Rakudo Star in July 2010. This is a stable, usable Perl 6 implementation on Parrot Virtual Machine. Congratulations to all developers/testers of this project. One can download the tar ball the release from Github. I am going to explore and develop some applications using this exciting new language Perl 6.

I will try to show some exciting features of Perl 6 in my next post.

Happy programming!



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