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MFC Updates


Good news for veteran native code programmers, MFC is coming again. Microsoft has decided to revive it and the first update is coming in Jan-Feb 2008. As per Microsoft the, MFC update will help developer to create applications with the “look and feel” of Microsoft’s Office, Internet Explorer and Visual Studio.  Some of the specific features include Office 2007 Ribbon bar look, Internet Explorer look with rebars and task panes, Visual Studio look with sophisticated docking functionality, auto hide windows, property grids and the like.  You can also enable your users to customize your application through live drag and drop of menu items and toolbar buttons. In addition, Microsoft is also delivering TR1 support.  TR1 is the first major addition to the standard C++ library.  The implementation includes a number of important features such as smart pointers, regular expression parsing, new containers (tuple, array, unordered set, etc.), sophisticated random number generators, polymorphic function wrappers, type traits and more. So, be ready for MFC updates and develop the desktop applications with new controls.

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