YAPC::EU 2013 Slides

See this link for the slides of talks given by Perl guru Jonathan Worthington in recently held YAPC Europe. Here is the brief list of talks:

All the talks are good but I personally liked the talk on Concurrency, Parallelism and Asynchrony  in which he explains about Perl 6 thread system. 

In future, I wish to attend some of these talks.

Enjoy the slides.






Perl 6 book project on github

A Perl 6 book is in development on github. One can try and fork source code. You can catch the authors on

#perl6book on irc.freenode.net. For more info like steps to build the book, pl see the README on github.
PDF versions of this book can be found at
http://puffin.ch/perl/6/ and http://github.com/perl6/book/downloads

Enjoy learning  Perl6 logo