YAPC::EU 2013 Slides

See this link for the slides of talks given by Perl guru Jonathan Worthington in recently held YAPC Europe. Here is the brief list of talks:

All the talks are good but I personally liked the talk on Concurrency, Parallelism and Asynchrony  in which he explains about Perl 6 thread system. 

In future, I wish to attend some of these talks.

Enjoy the slides.






Head First book Perl

Some months back I have purchased 4th edition of Camel book, Programming Perl. I am liking the book and at present focusing on Chapter 6 on Unicode. Well, I was just wondering if the experts in the Perl community have plans to write a Perl book in the Head First series. Well, the obvious answer could be that we already have excellent books then why we need this? But I personally feel that Head First books have quite delightful way of teaching which can shorten learning time. May be this can help in attracting more guys to take a dip in the Perl world in a short time and later one can pick the Camel book and others.

I don’t know if someone had already started writing? But just a thought.


Switching from Perl to Python: Speed

A real time comparison. Long live Perl.





Adding another comparison between various programming languages including Perl. This is bit old post but still relevant.



Don’t forget to read comments.






Delhi.pm Perl Monger user group: Need suggestions


We have a Delhi.pm Perl Monger Group in New Delhi, India. The group is almost  inactive for some years (except monthly mail of mailing list membership detail). I am trying to revive Delhi.pm and need suggestions from community.

I have already created a Google + page to spread the word. Actually, we have a mailing list but I assume that most of the members are either inactive or not working in Perl anymore.  I know many active Perl programmers in Delhi but they are not connected.

Do let me know your thoughts to make Delhi.pm active? Comments/advice are most welcome.


Resource on debugging, profiling and benchmarking in Perl

I am listing some of the online resource which really helped me to understand the debugging and profiling in Perl.

Profiling Perl by Simon Cozens

Dr. Dobbs Journel by brian d foy

Wasting time thinking about wasted time by brian d foy

Randal L. Schwartz column on Unix Review

Benchmarking your code by turnstep

Debugging and Profiling mod_perl Applications by Frank Wiles 

also do not forget to check chapter 4, 5, 6 of Mastering Perl Book and documentation on CPAN and perldoc.

Any Addition to this list is welcome.

Enjoy Perl.




 Slides of Tim Bunce talk on Devel::NYTProf YAPC::EU August 2010


Perl Data Language (PDL) Release News

PDL 2.4.10 is released. Another great work from Chris Marshall and PDL Development Team. See this link for official announcement.

You can also checkout the first draft of the PDL book. For existing MATLAB users there is a very good guide which can help in migrating from MATLAB to PDL.


Enjoy the new PDL release and unleash the power of Perl for solving mathematical problems.

Good Luck!

The Perls of 2011

Like year 2010, Breno G. de Oliveira [garu] has again written a wonderful blog “The Perls of 2011”. See the link for full read.

I like to congratulate garu for wonderful job. Looking forward for such analysis in coming years.

Happy New Year to all there in Perl community. Long Live Perl.


Apache Lucy search engine

Apache Lucy is full-text search engine library written in C and targeted at dynamic languages. The good news is that, the inaugural release provides Perl bindings. For more information, you can visit the Apache Lucy website Let’s hope for some good result. I still have to try but you can download from here.

Message: Invalid argument: IE 8 Issue

In my Perl based server application, I want to execute a script in a new pop up window. I was using a syntax like:

var my_window = window.open('open_window.pl, 'my window', 'width=800,height=600,resizable,scrollbars');

When I run the program in FF and Chrome it all works fine. I can open my pop-up window with above parameters and can see my desired result but the issue starts when I do the same test with IE 8. In spite of pop-up blocker off, the pop-up window was not launching, it was giving me a error message like:

Message: Invalid argument.
Line: 100 Char: 5
Code: 0

After debugging I found a solution which is some way very ridiculous. Issue was because of the reason that Microsoft does support the name property in window.open() with spaces [http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms536651%28v=vs.85%29.aspx] this means that if I make my window.open like [See GREEN string

var my_window = window.open('open_window.pl, <strong><span style="color:#00ff00;">'my_window', 'width=800,height=600,resizable,scrollbars');

then it should works.

After doing this change it works with me for all the browsers.

I don’t know why IE always through such type of errors,  even if you launch the in-built Developer tool from IE interface then also you will get the same error message  “Invalid arguments” no further clue/pointer to solve the issue. MS really has to improve the error handling messages to user.

So guys, be careful while developing pop-up window for all browsers specially for IE.


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