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Solving the authentication problem while opening Office documents hosted on Apache in IE8/IE9 on Windows 7

We were facing a problem in IE 8/9 on Windows 7 while accessing  Office 2007/ Office 2010 documents hosted on apache/Cent OS 4.6. After some analysis I found the reason and finally ended in a fix. See below my findings and solution. Hope this helps: The main issue is with the Microsoft’s way of implementing… Read More »

Resource on debugging, profiling and benchmarking in Perl

I am listing some of the online resource which really helped me to understand the debugging and profiling in Perl. Profiling Perl by Simon Cozens Dr. Dobbs Journel by brian d foy Wasting time thinking about wasted time by brian d foy Randal L. Schwartz column on Unix Review Benchmarking your code by turnstep Debugging and Profiling… Read More »