JHU Data Science Specialization Capstone

I have created a text prediction application as a part of Coursera Johns Hopkins University Capstone project. Check below for resources. Next Word Text Prediction Algorithm — Data Science Capstone Project by JHU and Swiftkey Presentation: http://rpubs.com/ppant/capstone-presentation Application: https://ppant.shinyapps.io/nextWordPredict/ Code: https://github.com/ppant/Coursera-Data-Science-Capstone-Project   Request to use and provide your valuable suggestions for improvement. Thanks

Stanford Machine learning class slides

Andrew NG Machine learning class is the best class so far which I took online. Apart from the course video sometimes lecture slides are also important for quick reference. For quite some time, I was looking for them as they are not available on course home. Here all the lecture slides available at: https://d396qusza40orc.cloudfront.net/ml/docs/slides/Lecture1.pdf Lecture2.pdf Lecture3.pdf Lecture4.pdf and so… Read More »

RESTfull brief overview

Putting some thoughts mainly for newbies trying to understand REST. Sometimes I observed that the actual documentation on the web is too technical or abstract and scattered which a bit difficult for newbies..  I am writing down some broad points which in my view REST is and it’s equation with HTTP … these points based… Read More »

Web development: LAMP: which programming languages should be used: Some thoughts

Now a days people keep asking which technology stack to be used for web development (LAMP, Java, Microsoft) and finally which programming language mainly server-side. Most of the expert says that use whichever you like and comfortable and I totally agree. If you intend to use Java and Microsoft based env then you don’t have… Read More »