Stanford Machine learning class slides

Andrew NG Machine learning class is the best class so far which I took online.

Apart from the course video sometimes lecture slides are also important for quick reference. For quite some time, I was looking for them as they are not available on course home.

Here all the lecture slides available at:




and so on…


My own experience slides only make sense if you go through the full video course.  Professor is an amazing teacher.


Enjoy learning.


PostgreSQL useful tips

I am posting some of the PostgreSQL commands which I use frequently.

Create a new database name testdb

# createdb <dbname>

# createdb testdb

Remove a PostgreSQL database
# dropdb <dbname>

# dropdb testdb

Backing up a PostgreSQL database

# su - postgres

# pg_dump --blob -Fc testdb -f /var/lib/pgsql/backups/testdb_backup

Restoring PostgreSQL database from back up dump

# pg_restore --dbname=testdb /var/lib/pgsql/backups/testdb_backup

Writing query output to a CSV file:

# \o 'tmp/logs/query_out_dump.csv'

After this operation all the query results will be stored in a CSV file.
Using console again for query output:

# \o

For more on pg_dump and pg_restore pl. check the documentation

Stanford DB class

Along with my AI class course,  I have also started DB class (Oct-Dec session) from Standford online courses series. Actually, learning DB was long due and this seems to be perfect opportunity. In my professional life I write SQL queries and sometime modify the database schema but that is all job requirement, going through full course content again (after my degree) is really an opportunity and I don’t want to miss it.  Course instructor for this class is Jennifer Widom and I am really liking her teaching style so I am bit excited. Well, I have almost completed first part and some of the points covered in this part are:


  • DBMS features
  • Key concepts like Data model, schema, DDL, DML
  • Key people like Database designer, Administrator, developer
  • Relational model XML data – DTD, XSD — This covered really well along with XML validation
  • Relational algebra
  • Intro to SQL


Have to finish some assignment by this week end. It’s going to be packed weekend with lot of assignments.


Will come back with more..



AI Class Unit 2 Problem Solving

I have completed the AI-Class Unit 2 problem solving. It has 38 sub-sections so will take some hours to finish. Some of the algorithms covered are:

  • Tree search
  • Graph search
  • Breath first search
  • Uniform cost search
  • A* search

and topics on state spaces

Though my quiz score are not so good.. may be this was the first assignment but the quiz score is not counting on my final score  so that’s good news. Now I am concentrating on Homework 1 which will be closed in some hours.

There are some very good notes on this link on Unit-1 and some part of Unit-2. Keep on visiting this site, I believe it is getting updated regularly. Another site which I am liking is AI-Class Q&A community. Check it out and ask any question regarding course topics, assignments etc.

Good luck!

See u later with more updates.