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Web development: LAMP: which programming languages should be used: Some thoughts

Now a days people keep asking which technology stack to be used for web development (LAMP, Java, Microsoft) and finally which programming language mainly server-side. Most of the expert says that use whichever you like and comfortable and I totally agree. If you intend to use Java and Microsoft based env then you don’t have… Read More »

YAPC::EU 2013 Slides

See this link for the slides of talks given by Perl guru Jonathan Worthington in recently held YAPC Europe. Here is the brief list of talks: Rakudo on JVM Concurrency, Parallelism and Asynchrony MoarVM All the talks are good but I personally liked the talk on Concurrency, Parallelism and Asynchrony  in which he explains about Perl 6 thread… Read More »

Resource on debugging, profiling and benchmarking in Perl

I am listing some of the online resource which really helped me to understand the debugging and profiling in Perl. Profiling Perl by Simon Cozens Dr. Dobbs Journel by brian d foy Wasting time thinking about wasted time by brian d foy Randal L. Schwartz column on Unix Review Benchmarking your code by turnstep Debugging and Profiling… Read More »