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Solving the authentication problem while opening Office documents hosted on Apache in IE8/IE9 on Windows 7

We were facing a problem in IE 8/9 on Windows 7 while accessing  Office 2007/ Office 2010 documents hosted on apache/Cent OS 4.6. After some analysis I found the reason and finally ended in a fix. See below my findings and solution. Hope this helps: The main issue is with the Microsoft’s way of implementing… Read More »

Testing Javascript in Perl applications

There is a tool called Selenium which is used to test the Javascript component in Perl based applications. This is used to run tests directly in the browser. Actually this tool sits between Perl application, test script and browser. The test script sends the Selenium server commands to run inside the web browser. The web browser then executes… Read More »

Working With AJAX and Perl with example

Hello, While doing Ajax Perl application development, I came across an interesting article on the following link. The article demonstrate with an example how Ajax can be used with Perl.  In the example given, there is table containing Student names and Marks. Every row has an Edit button, by which user can edit the information for that… Read More »