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Citrus Perl Raspberry Pi dev

Anyone interested in GUI Perl dev in Pi? Please go through the link here and download the distribution from sourceforge project site. I am using Citrus Perl on Pi (Raspbian Wheezy OS) for quite some time major issue.   Enjoy GUI dev on Pi .   Links:  

Solving the authentication problem while opening Office documents hosted on Apache in IE8/IE9 on Windows 7

We were facing a problem in IE 8/9 on Windows 7 while accessing  Office 2007/ Office 2010 documents hosted on apache/Cent OS 4.6. After some analysis I found the reason and finally ended in a fix. See below my findings and solution. Hope this helps: The main issue is with the Microsoft’s way of implementing… Read More »

Apache JIRA compromised

This is how apache JIRA is hacked Browse the link to see the details If any of you have account on for various projects then you might have received mail from them to change the password. If not then change your password for apache account (JIRA, Bugzilla etc) I must say this is a… Read More »