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Enterprise Architect

Guys, Right now I am exploring a new software modeling tool called Enterprise Architect. I was wondering if anybody has used this before. Pl. share the findings Thanks in advance Pradeep

PharseBook Design Pattern

The Phrasebook pattern is a technique to separate expressions in one language from themain code that is written in another programming language. This is done by keeping theexpressions in a separate phrasebook. Any specific expression can be generated byfinding the appropriate entry in the phrasebook and substituting application parametersinto it. This separation makes maintenance easier… Read More »

Singleton pattern and its destruction

The Singleton pattern is remarkably simple.  Its intent states, Ensure a class only has one instance, and provide a global point of access to it. It’s also flexible.  It helped us encapsulate the creation of User objects, which give file system users the authority to access their own files and no one else’s.  To obtain… Read More »