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RESTfull brief overview

Putting some thoughts mainly for newbies trying to understand REST. Sometimes I observed that the actual documentation on the web is too technical or abstract and scattered which a bit difficult for newbies..  I am writing down some broad points which in my view REST is and it’s equation with HTTP … these points based… Read More »

Web development: LAMP: which programming languages should be used: Some thoughts

Now a days people keep asking which technology stack to be used for web development (LAMP, Java, Microsoft) and finally which programming language mainly server-side. Most of the expert says that use whichever you like and comfortable and I totally agree. If you intend to use Java and Microsoft based env then you don’t have… Read More »

Import RDBMS table to HDFS with sqoop from postgreSQL

Steps: 1. Download JDBC driver      2. Copy:    3. Configure:  file. You need to allow the IP/host of machine running Hadoop. Restart postgreSQL using    4. Run sqoop: Open the terminal on machine running hadoop and type the below command.     Enter password:   prerequisites: Cloudera hadoop VM distribution or any other machine running… Read More »

Perl hash

Perl Hash .. a good summary #perl #programming — Pradeep Pant (@ppant) November 1, 2014