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Perl Myths

Hello I am sharing a presentation on Perl Myths directly from author of the Perl DBI module,  Tom Brnce.  He has given a detailed analysis of myths associated with Perl and future of  Perl5/ Perl 6. [slideshare id=2044080&doc=perl-myths-200909-090922145348-phpapp01] Enjoy!

Catalyst Perl MVC framework Introduction

See the link below for a excellent intro video on Catalyst MVC framework. The guy has done great job for putting all together. I hope this will help in accelerating Catalyst learning. I am waiting for more videos on Catalyst like using DBIx::Class, REST controller etc.

Perl on RedHat – multiple bless/overload problem

I was reading over internet regarding the performance issue of Perl bundled in some Redhat versions (A combination of Rehhat and Perl version) which uses multiple bless/overload. Vipul’s blog has given a good insight on this problem. Well, Red hat has finally registered the bug last year on Bugzilla. Would recommend  everybody falling under this should  test it.  You can test your… Read More »

Better Perl Practices

Better Perl Practices[gigya width=”425″ height=”355″ src=”” quality=”high” flashvars=”gig_lt=1245901230703&gig_pt=1245901253578&gig_g=1&gig_n=wordpress” wmode=”tranparent” ] View more PDF documents from jshirley.

Enterprise Architect

Guys, Right now I am exploring a new software modeling tool called Enterprise Architect. I was wondering if anybody has used this before. Pl. share the findings Thanks in advance Pradeep

Open Source Workflow Engine

Friends, I am trying for some idea for choosing the work flow engine for developing web based document management solutions. There are many open source engine(s) avaliable but I am not able to decide which will be suited for my requirement. I would really appreciate your valuable comments and ideas. Thanks in advance.  

PharseBook Design Pattern

The Phrasebook pattern is a technique to separate expressions in one language from themain code that is written in another programming language. This is done by keeping theexpressions in a separate phrasebook. Any specific expression can be generated byfinding the appropriate entry in the phrasebook and substituting application parametersinto it. This separation makes maintenance easier… Read More »