A static blog using Gatsby, Work planning and SE Radio: a coincidence

For quite some time, I am interested in building a static blog that uses markdown as the main data source and built on the top of javascript and newer technologies. My present website is a WordPress blog and being a techie I wanted to control my site and data through code. Then I stumbled by gatsby static site generator that uses ReactJS, GraphQL. Actually it is built with API’s and data can be delivered through GraphQL query. I have already made a small 2-page site which I am hosting on GitHub and deloped using netlify.

In my work also am planning to do a revamp of UI which is currently base on traditional HTML/CSS and native JavaScript.

and just as a coincidence I listened to a podcast on my fav channel SE radio about decoupled content management systems and gatsby. More on decoupled CMS in my next post.

So time to explore newer JavaScript libs..

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