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Some months back I have purchased 4th edition of Camel book, Programming Perl. I am liking the book and at present focusing on Chapter 6 on Unicode. Well, I was just wondering if the experts in the Perl community have plans to write a Perl book in the Head First series. Well, the obvious answer could be that we already have excellent books then why we need this? But I personally feel that Head First books have quite delightful way of teaching which can shorten learning time. May be this can help in attracting more guys to take a dip in the Perl world in a short time and later one can pick the Camel book and others.

I don’t know if someone had already started writing? But just a thought.


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  1. I’ve been asked to do a Head First Perl book, but I judged it to be too much work. Also, from the Head First books I’ve seen, I’ve not been impressed with the content or the content density. There’s a lot of paper in those book.

    To start, you have to audition to be selected to write the book. Not only do you have to know the subject area, but you have to create a story to go with it.

    Almost everything you see in a Head First book is created by the author. You’ll spend a lot of time doing things not related to Perl. I think that directly relates to why the content so far has not impressed me; the authors are distracted by other concerns for the book.

    Since I already have plenty to do with Perl writing, I haven’t pursued it.

    1. With age, learning becomes very difficult. With Head First, it is sweep stake. I am trying learn by reading books…but I can only chew few pages…

      I expect to get that book soon.

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