Head First book Perl

Some months back I have purchased 4th edition of Camel book, Programming Perl. I am liking the book and at present focusing on Chapter 6 on Unicode. Well, I was just wondering if the experts in the Perl community have plans to write a Perl book in the Head First series. Well, the obvious answer could be that we already have excellent books then why we need this? But I personally feel that Head First books have quite delightful way of teaching which can shorten learning time. May be this can help in attracting more guys to take a dip in the Perl world in a short time and later one can pick the Camel book and others.

I don’t know if someone had already started writing? But just a thought.


PostgreSQL useful tips

I am posting some of the PostgreSQL commands which I use frequently.

Create a new database name testdb

# createdb <dbname>

# createdb testdb

Remove a PostgreSQL database
# dropdb <dbname>

# dropdb testdb

Backing up a PostgreSQL database

# su - postgres

# pg_dump --blob -Fc testdb -f /var/lib/pgsql/backups/testdb_backup

Restoring PostgreSQL database from back up dump

# pg_restore --dbname=testdb /var/lib/pgsql/backups/testdb_backup

Writing query output to a CSV file:

# \o 'tmp/logs/query_out_dump.csv'

After this operation all the query results will be stored in a CSV file.
Using console again for query output:

# \o

For more on pg_dump and pg_restore pl. check the documentation