Resource on debugging, profiling and benchmarking in Perl

I am listing some of the online resource which really helped me to understand the debugging and profiling in Perl.

Profiling Perl by Simon Cozens

Dr. Dobbs Journel by brian d foy

Wasting time thinking about wasted time by brian d foy

Randal L. Schwartz column on Unix Review

Benchmarking your code by turnstep

Debugging and Profiling mod_perl Applications by Frank Wiles 

also do not forget to check chapter 4, 5, 6 of Mastering Perl Book and documentation on CPAN and perldoc.

Any Addition to this list is welcome.

Enjoy Perl.




 Slides of Tim Bunce talk on Devel::NYTProf YAPC::EU August 2010


  • Kiran
    • Pradeep Pant

      I agree Kiran. Thanks

  • TimBunce

    The articles you link to are very old. Devel::DProf (and Apache::DProf) are so broken as to be worthless on modern fast machines.

    Devel::NYTProf (which includes Devel::NYTProf::Apache) is currently the best profiler for perl.

    See for more information.

    • Pradeep Pant

      I totally agree Tim. Everyone loves loves your module. Thanks for comment and link to your slides.