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We have a Perl Monger Group in New Delhi, India. The group is almost  inactive for some years (except monthly mail of mailing list membership detail). I am trying to revive and need suggestions from community.

I have already created a Google + page to spread the word. Actually, we have a mailing list but I assume that most of the members are either inactive or not working in Perl anymore.  I know many active Perl programmers in Delhi but they are not connected.

Do let me know your thoughts to make active? Comments/advice are most welcome.


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    1. “Perl Mongers: How to run a successful group” is a great article. I am exactly looking for this sort of to-do. I will try to follow the points and will update you with my progress.

      Thanks Dave!

  1. Richard Dice gave this minimal advice for a PM organiser. Plan meetings in a regular interval, e.g. each first Friday in a month, and put this and start time and location on the web site. Announce the topics for talks/presentations/discussions on the mailing list in due time before the meeting. If there are no official planned topics, have a meeting anyway. Most importantly: always show up.

  2. I am an Indian and I was searching for Indian Perl Mongers but didn’t find any. Came to know about you via Mark Keating. I think we guys should make a group/website so that all Perl Mongers can gather at one place. Meet-ups etc will increase Perl activity in India. If meet-ups are not possible then at least we should be in contact online. There are not so many Perl developers in India, we’ll have to promote Perl too. Let’s see how it goes.

    1. Total agree Chankey. We at have already started some communication through mailing list. Let’s hope and it goes .. I am hoping to have a meeting next month. You are welcome to join..
      (i don’t know if you are based in Delhi or not)

      However, Online support will also help to keep the pace.

      Will keep posted with latest development.

  3. For we decided to do a monthly poll on the meeting dates – now there are convenient online tools for this (we use We are a very small group and this way we have more chances that there will be at least three people at the meetup.

  4. Pradeep,

    Our company (Zentech Innovations) does a lot of Perl work in Hyderabad. I am also trying to get a group going in Hyderabad. Although we are based in Hyderabad, I do travel to Delhi quote often. I am a big Perl enthusiast and a user. Let’s see if we can catch up sometime to brainstorm (BTW I will be in Delhi this weekend)
    Prabhakar Somu

    1. Hi Prabhakar,

      I feel good to know that there are companies are India which are working on Perl. I am looking for a job in Perl domain. May I know your email id so that I can contact you? Thanks.

  5. Few suggestions to increase the publicity if not done –

    1. Create a twitter profile for the group
    2. Create a FB fan page
    3. Spread it’s information through your signatures in Email
    4. Organize the meetings through

  6. Hello Prabhakar, Good to know you. Good news is that our mailing list is now receiving some mails and old wiki is also up. One of the Perl Monger Abhishek is working towards making a new wiki interface. Hope we’ll have a good wiki up and running in some weeks time. Still this is in very early first we are focusing on new membership in our mailing list. Please spread the message and tell your Delhi guys to join. We hope to have a meeting by end of next month. I will send you details and please join Google plus page. Hope to meet you soon 🙂

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